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In some California parallel universe, the new Senate President Kevin de Leόn, announced last week during his flagrant swearing-in ceremony, “Reliance is the ‘American way.’” “Isn’t it time we shatter the great American myth about pulling oneself up by the bootstraps?” De Leόn asked the crowd. The audience broke into rousing applause.  De Leόn continued, “It’s a […]

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Adequate oversight is impossible when even diligent members of the Senate Intelligence Committee can’t get basic facts about surveillance. The biggest lie Americans are told about the NSA is that it is subject to “strict oversight.” Listening to President Obama, Senator Dianne Feinstein, or most any high-ranking official in the national-security bureaucracy, one gets the […]


Voters in five states — Alaska, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota — will decide on ballot initiatives proposing an increase in the states’ minimum wages. Four of the initiatives would be binding; in Illinois, the ballot measure is only advisory. The votes come at a time when the minimum wage has emerged as a […]


Republicans have the opportunity to take control of a record number of state legislative chambers across the country this year, as Democrats play defense in unfavorable terrain. The Republican landslide in 2010 and the subsequent redistricting process in 2012 gave the GOP control of a nearly unprecedented number of legislative chambers. Today, the party controls […]


For all the talk this election cycle about the rampant rate of corporate spending on politics, it’s tempting to think that Americans wish corporations would just stay out of politics. But a new study from the Global Strategy Group found that 56 percent of Americans actually thought that corporations should be engaged in current events. In […]


In a sign that Republican efforts to target the youth vote is paying off, a new poll finds a majority of young Americans who intend to vote next week prefer a Republican-controlled Congress. A survey released yesterday by Harvard Institute of Politics shows that of those age 18 to 29 who say they “definitely” will […]


There are two arguments at the heart of Citizenfour, Laura Poitras’s new documentary about Edward Snowden, the former contractor whose leaks about the National Security Agency launched a firestorm: a furious indictment of the American security state, and a staunch defense of Snowden himself. In advancing the first argument, Poitras, the film’s director and the […]


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