Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Can Scott Walker and GOP congressional leaders step up their game?   Just days after the Sept. 15, 2008, fall of Lehman Brothers triggered the biggest financial crisis and stock-market plunge since the crash of 1929, I participated in a panel discussion of political reporters and analysts at a conference sponsored by a large private-equity […]

New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department Secretary Demesia Padilla, left, says driver’s license fraud is linked to linked to international crime syndicates.

New Mexico and Colorado are in the process of denying licenses to undocumented immigrants, and Oregon and Tennessee, which formerly issued such licenses, have repealed their laws. In January, Vermont’s Department of Motor Vehicles announced the discovery of more than 100 fraudulent applications from non-resident illegal aliens. While investigators have traced fraudulent applications to states […]


The lawmakers and policy expert on a panel called “The Conservative Replacement to Obamacare” could offer no new ideas for alternative legislation. Days before the Supreme Court will weigh whether to gut the Affordable Care Act, conservatives gathered on Thursday, the first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, to pitch their ideas for how […]

Union members and supporters march to the Michigan State Capitol building to protest against right-to-work legislation

Certain labor unions are among the strongest opponents of comprehensive immigration reform, according to experts at the Conservative Political Action Conference. A Thursday panel called “Immigration: Can Conservatives Reach a Consensus,” panel featured U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, Mario Lopez of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, and Alfonso Aguilar of the American Principles Project. […]

Rep. Debbie Riddle (R) wants to punish any transgender person who goes to the bathroom and any business that lets them. Texas State Rep. Debbie Riddle (R) has introduced two new bills that seek to criminalize the use of bathrooms by transgender people. Not only could trans people face jail time and fines for using […]


Nine things you may not have known about college sexual assault, according to an insurance company In the world of higher education, sexual assault is a legal minefield. Alleged victims and accused rapists alike claim their colleges botch cases – charging breach of contract, negligence, discrimination, defamation and due process violations – and in numbers […]


Salt River Project’s new rate plan is only the latest setback for solar users in Arizona. Starting in April, solar users across Arizona will be subject to an additional rate charge of about $50 per month. This new “demand charge” will be based on a solar users’ peak power demand during the month and will […]


Suicides among middle-aged spiked after 2007, tied to economic downturn Study shows that financial and legal troubles were increasingly a factor in US suicides after Great Recession A sharp increase in suicide rates among middle-aged Americans in the years after 2007 is linked to economic troubles brought about by the financial crisis, according to a study […]

This might be all Californians see of their high-speed rail.

The contractor for California’s high-speed rail system is had an event on the Capitol grounds, featuring a model car that is “Connectin Cities at 220 miles per hour.” For $68 billion, they ought to be able to afford a “g” (in connecting). Furthermore, this train will never go 220 mph — not with a blended […]


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