At this point in past presidential primary campaigns — about six months before any voting is scheduled — it was easy to mostly ignore early polls. This year is different, because the Fox News debate this Thursday is using national polls to sift a top 10 from the 17-strong GOP field. That’s led to some […]


Pundits — bored with the prospect of a Hillary Clinton coronation — haveconjectured for months that Joe Biden might run for president, but the vice president has remained on the sidelines. So you’d be right to indulge some skepticism toward the latest round of speculation about Biden running. But let’s consider Biden’s position from our […]

<> on September 12, 2011 in Tampa, Florida.

For weeks, my colleague Harry Enten has been stalking the halls ofour office, muttering to himself about Fox News’ slippery criteria for inclusion in its Aug. 6 Republican primary debate, the first of the 2016 campaign. For someone as obsessed with clean numbers and hard data as Harry, this kind of vagueness is rattling. (Also, […]


Immigrant advocates gathered for a vigil on the steps of the federal courthouse in New Orleans, just one day before judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit heard arguments on whether to let President Obama’s executive action to shield upwards of five million undocumented immigrants from deportation take effect. A preliminary […]


Who holds the trump card in the Democratic race for president in 2016? Hint: It is somebody that nobody is talking about today. In 2012, getting Republican voters to line up behind Mitt Romney was like trying to stuff a cat into a trash can. No matter how hard or fast the GOP establishment shoved, […]


Wanna hear a funny story? “Pro-lifers control the Republican Party.” If you didn’t fall over laughing, you must not be a pro-lifer. The secular media loves to tell a make-believe story of a Republican Party controlled by an all-powerful, socially conservative cabal. This imagineered GOP is supposedly some kind of raging conservative machine enacting a […]


The “ambicultural” and youthful Latino consumer population has more years of effective buying power that any other consumer group, and Latinos are using that purchasing window to endorse brands that observe the nuances of their heritage and culture. “The Multicultural Edge: Rising Super Consumer,” a recent study published by The Nielsen Company, demonstrated that Latinos […]


In the first major economic policy speech of her campaign, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton outlined her plan to crack down on major financial institutions and other players on Wall Street that have benefited from rising corporate profits while the middle class lags behind. “Over the course of this campaign, I will offer plans to […]


Note: For research that discusses the degree to which declining unionization rates contributed to increasing inequality in the United States, see Bruce Western and Jake Rosenfeld, “Unions, Norms, and the Rise in U.S. Wage Inequality,” American Sociological Review 76 (4) (2011): 513–537. For research on how unions affect inequality and redistributive government policies in other […]


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