Two Cincinnati-based lawyers are trying to legalize prostitution in California. “It’s legal to have sex, so why should it be illegal to pay for it?” their argument goes, according to the Sacramento Biz Journal. Lou Sirkin and fellow attorney Brian O’Connor of Santen & Hughes reportedly filed the case last month in U.S. District Court in San Francisco on behalf of […]

Pennsylvania loved Hillary in 2008.  Democrats are banking on her continued appeal with aging voters there to keep this critical state from going to the GOP in 2016

For Hillary Rodham Clinton, what happens in Las Vegas will reverberate across the nation, according to the Las Vegas Sun ( That’s because a key path for Clinton to the White House goes through Nevada, an early caucus state for the Democratic primary and a critical swing state for the general election. The former secretary […]

Wisconsin Republican Governor Walker addresses his supporters at a rally on election night in Milwaukee

Refusing service to a same-sex couple isn’t discrimination because it’s not an act against people. Despite the backlash after Indiana and Arkansas tried to pass laws designed to allow for discrimination against LGBT people, conservatives are still peddling the same talking point that “religious freedom” must be protected — e.g. that refusing to serve a […]


Presidential candidates, the Christian Right, and the entire state of Indiana are still reeling from the fallout over Indiana’s recent attempt to enact a broad “religious freedom” law designed to allow for LGBT discrimination. And despite the national outrage over that law, similar fights are brewing in Arkansas and Louisiana. Most of the conversation around […]


Arizona jobless rate falls in March; Phoenix boasts lowest in state Greater Phoenix saw its unemployment rate drop to 4.8 percent in March, the lowest in Arizona, according to the state Department of Administration. Meanwhile, Arizona’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped 0.3 percent to 6.2 percent in March, the largest decline in four months. With […]


We know Republicans will dump on President Obama’s foreign policy record in the 2016 presidential race. GOP primary debates will be thunderous theaters of derision, disrespect and disappointment regarding the president’s handling of challenges in Iran, Syria, Russia and Israel. The GOP’s dismissive words will take on added power because the polls indicate support for […]


Here are three propositions about the 2016 presidential race after a weekend in which 18 Republican candidates spoke to a crowd of party activists in New Hampshire and Hillary Clinton returned home after treading water and avoiding the press in Iowa. One, the Republican field of candidates (and potential candidates) is far superior to the […]

Martin O'Malley

‘I’m glad Secretary Clinton’s come around to the right positions on these issues,’ top potential challenger says in response to Guardian question Hillary Clinton’s top potential challenger for the Democratic presidential nomination has taken his most direct policy shots at the former secretary of state since her campaign for the White House began, calling out […]


“We simply detain too many people,” Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) said. Private prison corporations spent $11 million over six years to lobby Congress to keep immigrants in detention centers, a new report released Wednesday found. The Grassroots Leadership report, Payoff: How Congress Ensures Private Prison Profit with an Immigrant Detention Quota, found that lobbying efforts […]


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