By Matt Viser – – – – – It made for a striking contrast — and one that is giving Republicans more cause to worry about their chances in November. As Hillary Clinton made history by claiming the title of nominee in the Democratic presidential contest, prominent Republicans denounced their own nominee and publicly debated […]

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By PETER NICHOLAS – – – – – – Hillary Clinton defended herself against attacks from Republican opponent Donald Trump accusing him of targeting her to divert attention from what she called his hollow ideas for creating jobs and improving people’s lives. She defended the work of the Clinton Foundation and dropped in several references to […]

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Trump never named Hillary’s VP running mate Tim Kaine, but mentioned a “little guy” who said mean things about him. By David Ferguson Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday that some of the speakers at the Democratic National Convention made his so mad he wanted to “hit” them “so hard.” ABC News […]


By Nate Silver – – – – Hillary Clinton officially became the Democratic nominee for president this week and we’ll finally close the chapter on the 2016 primaries. But when we look back on the 2016 race, how should we think of it, as a close call or as a blowout? Could a few small changes […]

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By Leah Libresco – – – – – Donald Trump has held onto the support of evangelical Christians even as he has screwed up the name of a book of the Bible, said he doesn’t feel he needs forgiveness for anything, and struggled to answer the question that Jesus posed to Peter: “Who do you say […]


By NATHALIE BAPTISTE – – – – – For activists in Philadelphia, simply not being Donald Trump may not be enough Hundreds of immigration activists of all races and ages chanted “¿Cuándo?¡Ahora!” or “When? Now!” as they began walking in the sweltering mid-summer heat. They had come together in a predominantly Latino neighborhood in South Philadelphia near […]

President Barack Obama speaks during the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Wednesday, July 27, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Obama steals the show with a methodical takedown of Donald Trump’s dystopian worldview. By Michael Grunwald – – – –  President Barack Obama sent a simple message Wednesday night: Yes, we still can. Obama’s convention speech in Philadelphia framed the 2016 election in a very Obama way: the audacity of hope over the politics of fear, […]


By Glenn Minnis ( Hillary Clinton’s running-mate Tim Kaine has joined her in pledging if the duo is elected to the White House this fall they will commence building comprehensive immigration reform within “the first 100 days” of their administration. During a recent Telemundo interview, the Spanish speaking Kaine assured viewers the former first lady’s commitment […]

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump reacts during the CNN Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015, in Simi Valley, Calif. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

He claims to be so tough, yet apparently Trump is too much of a delicate flower to release his taxes. By Mark Sumner / DailyKos – – – – If you thought that somewhere between now an election day, Donald Trump would let us have a peek under the fiscal wrappers, you can drop that idea. “Mr. […]


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