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Hispanic Political Caucus 2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,300 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many […]

Remember when Mark Warner was supposed to cruise to reelection? He barely won.(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The Year of Unconventional Wisdom

Unsurprisingly, political experts were wrong a lot in 2014.   People who make a living predicting the political future had a rough 2014. Voters had a way of not always following the script—otherwise known as “conventional wisdom”—set out by those whose columns, microphones, talk shows, and TV appearances give them the prominence to proclaim what […]


The year in magazine covers: These were the most talked-about images of 2014

From “Planet Hillary” to Kim in Paper, the magazine covers featuring women that sparked controversy this year Magazine covers have always been conversation starters, from Muhammad Ali impaled by arrows on Esquire to pregnant Demi Moore naked on Vanity Fair. Yet as fewer and fewer people read print magazines cover-to-cover, the image itself  has become less a […]

Kay Hagan, Mitch McConnell (Credit: AP/Gerry Broome/J. Scott Applewhite)

2014′s political curveballs: 5 biggest surprises of the year

From some unexpected losses to unforeseen political developments, here’s what threw us for a loop Entering 2014, it was clear that Democrats were in for a tough year. The incumbent president’s party almost always sustains losses in the president’s sixth year, and President Obama’s underwater approval ratings, combined with a Senate map that favored Republicans, […]

Anatomy of a 2014 villain: Cliven Bundy

If 2014 was the year of the ignorant white guy, then this racist Nevada rancher might have been its standard bearer Background: Back in April, Cliven Bundy was just your average Nevada racist. The 67-year-old Mormon earned his living as a cattle rancher, allowing his herd to graze illegally on nearby federally protected land. The […]

The Democratic Party Death Watch Resumes

I’ve recently been counting down the top stories of the year, and there was no real competition for what should go in the #1 slot: it’s the Republican wave in the mid-term congressional elections—and, just as important, the unprecedented Republican wave in the statehouses, which may have an even greater impact over the long term. […]

Obama’s Executive Actions Will Help Clinton

Obama Went on the War Path in 2014 Not Just for His Legacy, But Hillary’s Too After the Republican sweep in November, the conventional thinking about Obama’s last two years in office was pretty bleak. Actually, the conventional thinking about Obama’s last two years in office has been bleak since 2011. Republicans locked the House […]

The More the Merrier

The more the merrier, so bless me God! Our love can thrive in company great; our honour more and never less. —from “Pearl,” late 14th century  The Republican presidential nominee is likely to win the White House in 2016. Since 1952, with the only exception being “Reagan’s third term” in 1988, voters have ousted the […]

More Of The Long-Term Unemployed Are Finding Jobs

The job market is finally gaining steam. But as Josh Zumbrun wrote in a Wall Street Journal column Monday morning, that improvement comes with an important caveat: Americans aren’t yet returning to the labor force. The important question for 2015 is whether they ever will. I’ve written before about the historic decline in the share […]