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“The interests of the wealthy”: How the rich control politicians — even more than you think

Esteemed political scientist Michael Jay Barber tells Salon why America is a democracy … for fat-cat donors The American populace, as a whole, is not always a paragon of good judgment. Yet there’s at least one issue that they’ve got a pretty good handle on — the incredible degree of what Lawrence Lessig has described […]

The Supreme Court’s About To Hear A Case That Could Make Partisan Gerrymandering Even Worse

After a GOP-led attempt to impeach one of Arizona’s chief legislative map drawers failed — former Gov. Jan Brewer (R) complained that the state’s redistricting commission tried to “elevate ‘competitiveness’ over other goals” — the Republican-controlled legislature has turned to one of the GOP’s most powerful allies: the Supreme Court of the United States. This […]

Net neutrality: Who won? Who lost?

The FCC won kudos from many netizens and tech firms for its new Internet rule, but not everyone sees it as a win The Federal Communications Commission’s landmark 3-2 vote on Thursday to reclassify the Internet as a public utility caps an extraordinary period in which the tech industry and Internet users turned their growing […]

These Are The People Who Faced Police Brutality In February

According to Killed By Police, an online database of fatal encounters between cops and civilians, more than 75 people died at the hands of police in February. Many of the incidents involved violent actions on the part of the deceased, yet fatalities come at a time when tensions between officers and civilians is at a […]

Study Finds Hispanics Will Dominate Job Growth While Non-Hispanics See ‘Near Zero’ Growth in Next 20 Years

A new research study indicates that Latinos “will play an increasingly significant role in future U.S. employment growth.” IHS Global Insight, a business consulting firm that provides analysis and expertise to business and government, published a study that predicts Latino workers will be crucial in filling vacant positions left open by Baby Boomers who are […]

Report Details Kochs’ Plan to Target Latino Voters

Late last month, news broke that the network of political organizations tied to Charles and David Koch was developing plans to spend nearly a billion dollars in the 2016 elections. Given that unprecedented investment, it’s essential to understand precisely what the Kochs and their front groups are doing. Yesterday, People for the American Way released […]

What 7 States Discovered After Spending More Than $1 Million Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

As state legislatures convene across the country, proposals keep cropping up to drug test applicants to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, or welfare. Bills have been introduced so far in Montana,Texas, and West Virginia, with a handful of others also considering such a move. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has gone further, proposing […]

GOP Attacked Democrats For Not Supporting Homeland Security. Now They’re Threatening To Shut It Down

Congressional Republicans are threatening to shut down the Department of Homeland Security on Friday unless President Barack Obama undoes executive actions granting some five million undocumented immigrants reprieve from deportation. The push comes despite a growing threat from extremists in the Middle East and repeated warnings from Homeland Security Department Secretary Jeh Johnson of “a […]

State Lawmaker Says Common Core Contributed To Children’s Deaths

On Tuesday, South Dakota state Rep. Elizabeth May (R) claimed the Common Core State Standards were partly responsible for the death of eight children on a South Dakota Native American reservation. (Her remarks start at 21:10.) May’s comments were made on the House floor before a vote to consider a bill to repeal the standards […]