Monthly Archives: March 2015

“It’s your own damn fault!”: Why America’s inequality conversation is such a farce

The upcoming campaign is supposedly going to be about inequality. Here’s why it’s just another plutocratic charade As I’ve noted previously, one of the stranger recent developments in American politics has been the swift arrival of a bipartisan consensus over economic inequality. For years and years — decades, even — the left and the right […]

Arizona Gov. Ducey Says Bill To Abolish Common Core Not ‘Necessary’

Though Republican Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona ran as a candidate opposed to the Common Core standards in 2014, he claims a bill that would abolish the controversial initiative in his state is not “necessary” and wants, instead, to “fix” the standards. Arizona Capitol Times reports that Ducey has “walked a fine line” in the […]

Reid Senate career a story of money and muscle

In 1998, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid paid $400,000 for two pieces of residential land outside Las Vegas. It was a complicated deal. Reid secretly transferred ownership of the property to a company set up by his friend and lawyer Jay Brown, who then convinced the local government to re-zone the land for commercial development. In […]

During Fracking Hearing, Nebraskan Challenges Oil And Gas Commission To Drink Wastewater

An application to truck thousands of gallons of wastewater into Nebraska riled the community. Opposition to a proposal to dump out-of-state fracking wastewater in Nebraska went viral over the weekend, after a community group posted a video of a man offering chemical-laden water to a Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. The commission was hearing […]

Is 2016 Election America’s Hinge Moment?

Presidential politics in 2016 will reflect the shifting reality of America. The country is going through the most significant period of change since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Across the United States, we are seeing a convergence of economic, technological and demographic forces that is transforming every aspect of our lives. These changes are […]

Rare Truce in Land-Use Wars in Utah

Legislation in the works in Congress would set aside some areas for wilderness, others for energy use San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman made a defiant point about land use when he led an unauthorized ride of all-terrain-vehicle users into a nearby scenic canyon last May after it had been closed by the Bureau of […]

Wall Street’s new student loan scheme: Subprime loans are coming to financial aid

Slimy new loan options proliferate, as Wall Street looks to do for education what it did to the economy Wall Street wants to own your education destiny. To the old saying about “death and taxes,” you can now add another: debt. In fact, in contemporary America, debt is likely becoming at least as all-encompassing as […]

“A malign force in American history”: Why you should be terrified of the Supreme Court

Ridiculous theories, destructive effects and evil tragedies are SCOTUS trademarks Throughout his years as a national politician and in the White House, President Barack Obama has had many antagonists and foes: John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Eric Cantor and John Boehner come to mind. But despite their greater public profile, one could argue that […]

Nevada Lawmaker Proposes New Anti-Transgender Bill Pushed By Out-Of-State Lobbyist

A well-known anti-LGBT lobbyist from California is behind a new Nevada bill with implications for transgender students and sex ed classes. Nevada is the latest state to introduce a bill that would limit how transgender students access bathrooms at school. AB 375, introduced by Assemblywoman Victoria Dooling (R), would require schools to limit restrooms and […]