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California’s Latino Voter Turnout: What Happened?

// // Has the “Sleeping Giant” gone back to sleep, and will the Giant wake up for in time for 2016? Since passage of the controversial anti-illegal immigrant Proposition 187 in 1994, Latino voter turnout in California has mushroomed and with it Latino political clout. That is, until 2014 when turnout took a dive and […]

Democrats setting up moderate GOP governors for failure

As has been noted here before, the Democrats didn’t just take a beating in the House and Senate during recent election cycles. They’ve been losing ground at the state level as well, with more legislatures seeing Republican majorities or increased minorities. But the place where the Donkey party has really taken a beating is in […]

Poll: Scott Walker now leads by double digits in Iowa

Via the Washington Times, this is worth blogging if only because, despite the field being ridiculously crowded, there are realistically only two or three guys who could win both Iowaand New Hampshire. Rand Paul could do it if the Ron Paul rEVOLution in both states turns out in droves, but he has yet to make […]

Hillary Clinton May Have Lost a Campaign Weapon

Clinton’s experience as secretary of State now cannot be mentioned without raising questions of pay-to-play and deleted emails Too bad for Hillary Clinton there wasn’t a presidential election on Feb. 2, 2013—the day after she stepped down as secretary of State. At the time, Clinton enjoyed approval ratings near 70 percent, a number seen by […]

2016 Candidates Are United in Call to Alter Justice System

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul want to ease mandatory minimum sentences. Gov. Chris Christie wants to release nonviolent offenders pending trial without bail. Gov. Scott Walker, former Gov. Rick Perry and former Senator James Webb want to expand drug treatment as an alternative to prison. Senator […]

Time for Ben Carson to run a real race

Ben Carson will declare his presidential candidacy in Detroit next Monday. Not a minute too soon. The retired neurosurgeon and conservative star formed a presidential exploratory committee on March 3. Since then, he’s been traveling around the country in what might be called a non-strategic way — making paid speeches that he had longstanding commitments […]

VA Reform Stalled by Lack of Accountability

We now know without a doubt what it means when a scandal-ridden government agency pledges accountability for corrupt and underperforming employees: It’s an empty promise. That’s the conclusion we can draw from the minuscule number of employees fired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) a year after a nationwide patient scheduling scandal was […]

Hillary will laugh all the way to the White House: How the GOP’s boneheaded Obamacare fixation boosts her bid

Conservatives insist on getting an Obamacare repeal to Obama’s desk. They should be careful what they wish for A final agreement between House and Senate negotiators on a joint budget resolution is imminent. The New York Times reported Monday night that a deal had been struck, with votes coming as early as Wednesday. But now […]

Utah Lawmakers Tackling Rules On Police Use of Force

In relation to national events, the coincidental timing of Tuesday’s Administrative Rules Review Committee hearing was telling of an overall concern about the use of police force Monday on Capitol Hill. “This is not a trial on any particular incident – we are talking about how is training given… we want to use this as an […]