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What’s the Point of GOP’s Senate Majority?

Why Does The Republican Party Exist? Why does the Republican Party exist? Who is it for? What principle does it serve? It’s hard to say. Why does the Republican Party exist? What is its purpose as a political entity – to what end do its members work to elect their fellow Republicans? What are its […]

Will Infighting Help the Republicans in 2016?

For the first time in recent memory, key members of the corporate establishment, including businesses with close ties to the Republican Party, have publicly defied social conservatives in nationally publicized confrontations. Leaders of companies like J. W. Marriott and Walmart – both Republican mainstays – were at the forefront of the drive to force Republican […]

Bipartisan Support for Financial Aid Reform

Allowing students and families to use prior-prior year income data on the FAFSA could work as an intermediate step toward CAP’s proposed early guarantee of financial aid and would improve the application process for millions of students. There is a new catchphrase in the higher education policy arena: prior-prior. The term is shorthand for a […]

Look Back:How 9 Predictions on Gay Marriage Turned Out

Ideas can matter—and small, marginal voices can make themselves heard Not often—in fact, pretty much never—have I been lost for words in the gay-marriage debate. But the Supreme Court’s national legalization of marriage equality leaves me gaping and gawping like a guppy. For a homosexual man of my generation, born in 1960 and deeply etched […]

How We Improved the Republican Debates

As the start of the Republican presidential-primary debates approaches next month, there has been a great deal of discussion about the formats. In the weeks since Fox News and CNN released the criteria for the first debates airing on their networks, the debates themselves have become a source of debate. But let’s step back for […]

The Republican Party’s Tortured Minority Outreach

The press release went out last week: “, Reince Priebus chairman of the Republican National Committee, will participate in a panel discussion luncheon in celebration of Black Music Month on Monday, June 1st, in Washington, D.C.” The event was called “A Republican Salute to Black Music Month” and, according to organizer Raynard Jackson, a black […]

Trump’s Bizarre Strategy To Win Back Latino Supporters Is Definitely Not Working

If there was any doubt before, Trump probably won’t win over Latino voters now. In Arizona thousands of supporters and other gawkers are expected to join Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a “Join Donald J. Trump & Stand Up To Illegal Immigration” event at the Phoenix Convention center in Arizona. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe […]

Huckabee Went Too Far

I like Mike Huckabee. I covered his bid for the Republican nomination in 2008, and found him to be smart, charming and exceptionally decent. Back then, Huckabee and I spoke a fair amount about Israel and the strategic threats it faces. He left no doubt that he stood with the Jewish state on moral as […]

What’s Wrong With Rand Paul’s Campaign?

Something is awry at the Rand Paul campaign. The main super PAC supporting his presidential bid raised just $3.1 million in the first half of 2015, about $100 million less than Right to Rise, a super PAC backing Jeb Bush. In fact, the pro-Paul group’s fundraising total was lower than that of every other major […]