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Panic in Bushworld: Rubio now most likely GOP nominee in predictions market

by Allahpundit   The funniest part of this story isn’t that they’re obsessing over an online predictions website. The funniest part is that Jeb’s standing in that market really might be the best argument they have left to donors to stay aboard while this ship drifts aimlessly towards Iowa and New Hampshire. If PredictIt is […]

The good and the bad of Donald Trump’s personal income tax policy

by Taylor Millard   I wrote earlier today how Trump could “surprise me in a good way” over his tax plan, and you know, he did. His personal income tax reform plan for people who don’t have stocks is really simple and something which he should be praised for. The simplification is really good and […]

What the Republican Party telling us about itself?

  By Jay Bookman   So Donald Trump and Ben Carson, easily the top two candidates for the Republican nomination, are both peddling anti-Muslim bigotry to the voters. This comes after several months in which Trump in particular has provoked and encouraged anti-immigrant sentiment — throwing in a dollop or two of crass misogyny along the […]

Clinton Must Break With Obama’s Legacy

By Josh Kraushaar @HOTLINEJOSH   Vice Pres­id­ent Joe Biden inches closer to a pres­id­en­tial cam­paign, Hil­lary Clin­ton has be­latedly done something bold, at least by her cam­paign’s stand­ards.  She’s be­gin­ning to dis­tance her­self ever-so-slightly from Pres­id­ent Obama’s re­cord, par­tic­u­larly on for­eign policy, tilt­ing to the cen­ter even as she’s fa­cing an in­creas­ingly ser­i­ous chal­lenge from the left […]

Carson Steps Out of Trump’s Shadow?

By Rebecca Berg   Both are first-time candidates who currently top the polls in the Republican presidential primary. Many voters praise them in the same breath as “outsiders.” But Ben Carson is no Donald Trump. Carson made that clear Wednesday in advance of a rally here. When asked what differentiates him from the frontrunner, he […]

Death Watch for Rand Paul’s Campaign

BY SAM YOUNGMAN   Rand Paul was right. In January 2014, the day after The Atlantic anointed Paul, Kentucky’s junior U.S. Senator, as the Republican frontrunner in the 2016 presidential race, Paul told the Herald-Leader “it’s still too early probably to talk about things like that.” “That sounds unlucky to me,” he said. Less than […]

Three cheers for political incivility

by Bruce Thornton   The 2016 presidential election has started with a bang. Donald Trump ignited the fireworks when he accused Mexico of sending “rapists” and other criminals to the U.S., and denied that Senator John McCain is a war hero. Senator Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate said Senate Majority Leader Mitch […]

Whatever Happened to the Strong Republican Field?

By Sean Trende   When we kicked off this campaign season, there was an almost uniform consensus that Republicans were suffering from an embarrassment of presidential riches. With the sudden withdrawal of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from the race and the rise of Donald Trump and Ben Carson in the polls, a number of observers […]

Carson Flunks Test on the Constitution

By Jonathan S. Tobin Like a chain reaction, the fallout from Donald Trump’s birther mania and anti-Muslim prejudice has affected one of his chief competitors. Trump was unrepentant about accepting a question at a New Hampshire town hall meeting whose premise was that that President Obama was a Muslim and Muslims, in general, were a […]