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Ben Carson’s Surge in Iowa Dovetails With Past Rise of Evangelicals There

By Patrick Healy — Ben Carson’s surge over Donald J. Trump in Iowa, where Mr. Carson is now in first place in back-to-back opinion polls of Republican caucusgoers, may indicate that Mr. Carson is improving as a candidate or Mr. Trump’s hopes are dimming. Or the polls could simply be registering the perennial rise of […]

Bernie Sanders Urges End to Federal Marijuana Ban

By Jason Horowitz — As the Republican candidates prepared to debate in Colorado, the land of legal marijuana, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont told an audience of college students in Virginia that “in my view, the time is long overdue for us to remove the federal prohibition on marijuana.” At the event at George Mason University, […]

Debate Shows GOP Field Smaller Than It Looks

Wednesday’s debate showed that the GOP field is smaller than it looks. Technically, there are still fourteen people running, but the winnowing is far along. We probably have a final six and possibly a final four. The three winners of the night were pretty obvious: Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. Rubio ended Jeb […]

It’s not just Donald Trump: Latino voters are down on Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, too

by SOPHIA TESFAYE– After kicking-off his presidential campaign with a promise to do away with Mexican “criminals” and “rapists,” it comes as a surprise to very few people that Donald Trump is not particularly popular with Hispanics voters, but the extremely poor showing of the most diverse Republican field in history with Hispanic voters should definitely […]

Trump and Carson want to bring about America’s apocalypse

By Michael Gerson The end is near. Or not. At various points in U.S. history, popular preaching has warned that history itself was about to culminate and cease. Many sermons of the revolutionary era (with more patriotic zeal than theological sophistication) identified King George III as the antichrist and associated the founding of the United […]

CNBC did ask substantive questions. That’s why Republicans are mad

The GOP claims that CNBC didn’t ask substantive questions. In reality, substantive questions angered conservatives BY AMANDA MARCOTTE — Both the liberals and conservatives chattering after the Republican debate on CNBC last Wednesday night agree on one thing: CNBC did a terrible job running the debate. Liberals are angry because the moderators didn’t correct the astounding number […]

Republicans Well-Positioned

By John Hart In politics, campaigns occur on two levels — above-the-surface and below-the-surface. The above-the-surface campaign is what we spend 99 percent of our time talking about. It’s the news of the day. The horserace. The “freak show,” as Marco Rubio described Trumpism. It’s Ben Carson’s three-day musings about the eligibility of Muslim candidates. It’s […]

CNBC Moderators Blamed for Debate Debacle

By Lloyd Grove From silly and inaccurate questions to just plain awkward interruptions, Team CNBC stumbled in Boulder—and was absolutely clobbered by the Republican presidential field for it. People will argue about which Republican presidential candidate came out on top in Wednesday night’s CNBC debate in Boulder, Colorado, but it was pretty clear who lost. The […]

Reuters national online tracking poll of likely GOP voters: Carson 33, Trump 26, Rubio 10, Cruz 8

BY ALLAHPUNDIT– I know what you’re going to say. It’s an online poll. The sample is small, just 277 Republican voters. That means a margin of error north of six percent. Why should we trust a poll like that? Well, you should trust it if you trusted it back in August when this same poll […]