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Providing Identification to Unauthorized Immigrants

By Silva Mathema – – – – The State and Local Landscape of Identification for Unauthorized Immigrants Most people do not realize the power of having an official photo identification card; it is something that is taken for granted until it is misplaced or lost. An official identification, or ID, card proves one’s identity and thereby […]

How Refugees Make It In America

By CLARE MALONE – – –  One of the first things college English majors learn is how to riff (semi-coherently) on the concept of “The Other.” It’s a tidily obfuscating phrase describing someone who doesn’t quite fit into the accepted social schema of things, and if you’ve been paying any kind of attention to the last […]

Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Wins Iowans’ Heads, but Not Hearts

By Trip Gabriel – – – – More than four out of five Iowa Democrats think Hillary Rodham Clinton can win the general election, compared with only half who think the same of Senator Bernie Sanders. That conviction is helping to drive Mrs. Clinton’s lead in Iowa in a Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday, […]

Ted Cruz Makes a Big Leap in Iowa, Poll Says

By Trip Gabriel – – – – Ted Cruz’s long-anticipated Iowa surge came a step closer on Tuesday with a new poll showing him just behind Donald J. Trump and leaping ahead of Ben Carson, as terrorism and foreign policy now drive the 2016 nominating race. Mr. Cruz, the Republican Texas senator, was the choice […]

Why Obama Is Standing by the Syrian Refugees

The president isn’t speaking to his opponents—he’s talking to history. by PETER BEINART – – – – Once upon a time, liberals criticized Barack Obama for only taking on fights he knew he could win. Not anymore. In 2013, Obama responded to the Sandy Hook shooting with a fervent, if unsuccessful, push for gun control. Now, over […]

This is what political ideology in the age of truthiness looks like

New Pew study shows how ideologically incoherent conservative attitudes about the government really are by SEAN ILLING – – – Extremists on both ends of the political spectrum have plenty of things in common. Ideologues of all stripes have a tendency to distort the truth in similar ways – and any honest observer can see that. But […]

Romney leads Trump 31/15 in New Hampshire poll

Given that the deadline to file for the New Hampshire ballot was five days ago, I’m not sure why the Globe felt this was necessary. Maybe they wanted to show people how soft Trump’s support in the state really is, despite all of the polls there showing him leading? If so, it would have been nice […]

Anonymous at War

by KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON – – – As the CIA goes begging tech titans for help, the hacker collective goes on offense. When the hacker group Anonymous announced it was launching a campaign against the Islamic State (“These are not the 72 virgins they were expecting,” as one now immortal online quipster put it), something […]

Here’s What Your Part Of America Eats On Thanksgiving

By WALT HICKEY – – – Thanksgiving — when we give thanks and celebrate a tale about the welcoming of foreign refugees to American shores — is once again upon us. For some, it’s a day of mass media consumption, with a parade and three NFL games. For others, it’s a day to identify the […]