Labor Union to Start ‘Substantial’ Ad Campaign Hitting Republicans on Immigration

President Obama's address on Nov. 20, 2014, announcing executive orders on immigration, shown live at the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas.

By Alan Rappeport – – –

Republicans have been talking tough on immigration this primary season, last Thursday, they got a taste of how Democrats might use that against them in a general election.

On the anniversary of President Obama’s executive actions to ease burdens on immigrants, the Service Employees International Union and iAmerica Action are releasing a “substantial” national advertising campaign that targets Republicans on immigration.

The executive actions, which were to shield millions of immigrants from deportation and would have allowed them to work in the country legally, have been delayed in the courts, and with the rise of Donald J. Trump, Republicans have been using increasingly heated language on the issue, threatening mass deportations and tougher border controls.

The ads will run in Spanish on Telemundo and Univision and during the Latin Grammy Awards on Thursday. The ads will also air in Nevada, Florida, Colorado and Texas through Sunday, and English versions will run online.

“These candidates may be different, but their messages are all the same,” the narrator says, as clips of Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Jeb Bush and Mr. Trump flash across the screen. “We will not accept hate. We will not allow anti-immigrant attacks.”

The six-figure ad purchase also includes a Spanish-language spot urging Latino families to stand up to Republican policies.

The groups are also mobilizing demonstrations across the country that will target Republican leaders such as Paul D. Ryan, the speaker of the House.

Last Monday, the Service Employees International Union endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.


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