Monthly Archives: December 2015

Can right-wing populism be stopped?

by Damon Linker – – – – the Great American Populism Debate is well underway. Not a single vote has yet been counted in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, but with Donald Trump’s campaign leading most polls for six months straight and showing no signs of slumping as we head into the final […]

Democrats’ Dream Nominee

By Carl Rove- – – – – Donald Trump’s call on Monday for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” is unlikely to blow up his campaign. No matter how outrageous his statement seems to most Americans, his supporters apparently eat up stuff like that. Forty-six percent of Mr. Trump’s backers […]

G.O.P. Candidates, Feeling Rush to Raise Funds, Turn to Unlikely Source

By Jonathan Martin – – – –    The leading Republican presidential prospects are descending on the city they all love to hate — the nation’s capital. For public consumption, the candidates are heading to Washington to attend a donor-filled forum sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition. But they are also making the trek to consort […]

The top 10 political lies of the year

By Rob Garver – – – – Washington may not have produced a whole lot of useful legislation this year — evidenced by the round of hearty backslapping that took place earlier this month after Congress simply did its job and funded the federal government — but there was something the nation’s capital churned out in […]

Campaign Clock Is Ticking

  By Rebecca Berg – – – – The holiday season and a slew of major news and cultural events will be competing for voters’ attention as candidates prepare for the first round of voting in the 2016 primary season. With less than two months until the Iowa caucuses, the campaigns are aware the clock […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Story Sheldon Adelson Didn’t Want You To Read

BY JUDD LEGUM – – – – Two weeks ago, conservative billionaire Sheldon Adelson and his family purchased the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada’s largest paper. On Tuesday, its editor-in-chief of five years, Mike Hengel, resigned. If you are a subscriber to the Review-Journal, you would have read a grand total of 79 words on Wednesday about […]

Edward Clarkin Is The Most Important Man In Journalism Today — And He’s Probably Not A Real Person

BY JUDD LEGUM – – – – – A week ago, no one had ever heard of Edward Clarkin. Today he has inspired multiple parody Twitter accounts, prompted one journalist to quit his job after 22 years and has been the subject of intense speculation in elite media circles. This is how Edward Clarkin went from […]

Anti-Muslim Sentiment Is a Serious Threat to American Security

By Ken Gude – – – – The incredible barbarism perpetrated by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, too often dissuades those in the West from any meaningful assessment of the group’s strategy and tactics. From beheading or burning alive captives to slaughtering entire minority populations and gunning down innocent civilians in previously […]

Obamacare, Assessed What’s Working, What Isn’t

By Zachary Tracer and Alex Wayne – – – – – In October 2013, the U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, took full effect. How’s it doing? No single statistic can cover all of its many aspects. But there are some data sources than can shed some light. It’s helpful to step […]