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Get on the Plane’: Awkward Moment for Trump and Christie

By HEATHER HADDON – – – – Donald Trump and Gov. Chris Christie shared an awkward moment on the campaign trail Saturday, when the Republican front-runner was overheard telling his highest-profile endorser to “get on the plane and go home.” At a rally on an airport tarmac in Tennessee Saturday, Mr. Trump’s newest surrogate made a several-minute introduction of Mr. […]

Clinton Hints at General-Election Message

By COLLEEN MCCAIN NELSON – – – – – After romping to victory in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton came to Tennessee Sunday with a call for “love and kindness” and some early hints of a general-election message. Speaking at two African-American churches in Memphis, the former secretary of state made no mention of Democratic rival Sen. Bernie […]

GOP Candidates Likely Don’t Want You To Know This Fact About Undocumented Immigrants

BY ESTHER YU-HSI LEE – – – – Particularly as GOP presidential candidates promise to deport the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States, there’s a lot of public debate over whether those people make any significant contributions in this country. But there is one area where they are clearly contributing. Undocumented immigrants […]

Ben Carson Acknowledges His Presidential Campaign Might Be A Big Scam

BY AARON RUPAR – – – – As Ben Carson slid down the polls after cresting around Halloween, firms closely connected with his campaign advisors and consultants hauled in millions of dollars in Carson’s campaign funds. That state of affairs raised eyebrows and may have contributed to a major top-level staff shakeupat the end of last […]

Bernie Sanders Ties Hillary Clinton to Poverty Caused by Welfare Reform

 By Yamiche Alcindo – – – – Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont began his day of campaigning by criticizing Hillary Clinton’s support of welfare reform in 1996, accusing her of backing legislation that ultimately increased poverty levels and led more Americans to face economic anxiety. Mr. Sanders said Mrs. Clinton helped round up votes to […]

Thousands of Sanders contributions flagged as illegal

BY JAZZ SHAW – – – – The headlines are, in all likelihood, far more dire sounding than they actually are. The Washington Free Beacon highlights a letter sent to the Bernie Sanders campaign earlier this month which warns them that many of those famous “small donor” contributions he received were accepted in violation of […]

The Most Disappointing Thing About Chris Christie’s Endorsement Of Donald Trump

BY AARON RUPAR – – – – In a somewhat surprising development, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) endorsed Donald Trump for president on Friday. “There is no one who is better prepared to provide America with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world, than Donald Trump,” Christie said at a news […]

John Kasich Says He Can Beat Donald Trump, One on One

By Thomas Kaplan – – – Gov. John Kasich of Ohio vowed Wednesday to remain in the Republican race, declaring himself the party’s only hope of defeating Donald J. Trump. “Of course I’m staying in,” he told reporters. “Why would I drop out when I’ve got the best chance to be the nominee outside of […]

Cruz: “You better believe” I’ll order mass deportations of illegal immigrants, too

BY ED MORRISSEY – – – – “Would you round up 12 million illegal aliens here … and how?” Bill O’Reilly asked Ted Cruz on The O’Reilly Factor, challenging Cruz to match Donald Trump’s rhetoric on immigration. “Of course you would,” Cruz replied, pledging to even haul out and deport a hypothetical Irishman overstaying his […]