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Donald Trump’s 2016 Delegate Pace Trails Mitt Romney’s of 2012 – Charts

By RANDY YEIP – – – – – Here’s a look at how Donald Trump’s pace of delegate wins compares with that of eventual 2012 nominee Mitt Romney. Advertisements

The Impact of ‘Wasted’ Votes in the Presidential Race — Chart

By RANDY YEIP – – – – – Early voting can make participation easier for a lot of voters. But it can also backfire if a candidate drops out. Here’s a look at the impact of “wasted” votes.

High Court’s Blockbuster April Includes Immigration, Public Corruption Cases

The Supreme Court’s April sitting was announced , setting its final plans for arguments in the 2015-16 term. April, typically stocked with significant appeals, features blockbuster cases involving executive power, immigration and public corruption. The justices kick off the sitting April 18 with arguments on President Barack Obama’s immigration policy, which would temporarily allow millions […]

Ted Cruz Opens Two Fronts in Push Against Donald Trump

By Maggie Haberman – – – – –  The Republican presidential primary race, once a frenzied sprint of rallies and retail stops, has become a grind-it-out slog. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is opening up two fronts against Donald J. Trump — trying to peel away delegates in New York, where they will be allocated […]

Voters Turn to YouTube to Navigate Election 2016

  By NATALIE ANDREWS – – – – – Voters are watching the 2016 presidential race play out on YouTube. Since April 2015, more than 110 million hours of candidates talking and issues-related political content has been watched on YouTube, the video streaming service owned by Google parent Alphabet Inc., the parent company announced in a report […]

The Voters Donald Trump Wins and Loses

By  AARON ZITNER – – – – – Donald Trump won his dominant position in the Republican primaries with strong support from voters who lack college degrees and who have relatively low incomes. A look at aggregated exit polls shows how strong he is among those and other groups, as well as which voters are […]

Joe Biden to Make Case for a Full Supreme Court Bench

By Carl Hulse  – – – – – – Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., a hardened veteran of the Senate Supreme Court confirmation wars, is to speak at the Georgetown University Law Center on Thursday to make his case for the confirmation of Judge Merrick B. Garland and to discuss the consequences for extended […]

A Big, Unexpected Crack Just Formed In The GOP’s Wall Of Opposition To Merrick Garland

BY IAN MILLHISER – – – – A conservative Republican senator from one of the reddest states in the country just broke with his party’s extraordinary resistance to Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland. Just hours after news of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death became public, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) indicated that he would refuse […]

Hillary Clinton Says Moderate Voices Being Drowned Out in Media Battle for ‘Eyes or Ears’

By LAURA MECKLER – – – – – Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said Thursday that she hoped to find ways to elevate moderate voices as a counterpoint to extreme ones that she said too often rise to the top of a cluttered media atmosphere. “It’s become harder and harder for moderate, reasonable voices to be heard,” […]