World Leaders Warn Trump Is A Threat To World Peace


Business mogul Donald Trump secured two more victories Saturday night in Louisiana and Kentucky, further solidifying his lead in the race to the Republican nomination. World leaders are starting to sound the alarm as they watch the U.S. presidential race shape up.

Germany’s Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel warned Trump is a threat to world peace in an interview with German newspaper Welt am Sonntag on Sunday.

“Whether Donald Trump, Marine le Pen or Geert Wilders — all these right-wing populists are not only a threat to peace and social cohesion, but also to economic development,” Gabriel said.

Trump’s most well known policy proposals involve bullying other nations — such as repeatedly pledging to force Mexico to pay for a border wall to keep immigrants out — and openly violating international law.

Trump clarified he would not break international law but only seek to change it to allow for torture in an interview with CBS’ John Dickerson Sunday morning.

“You know, it’s very tough to beat enemies that don’t have any, that don’t have any restrictions, all right? We have these massive restrictions. Now, I will always abide by the law, but I would like to have the law expanded,” Trump said.

“I happen to think that when you’re fighting an enemy that chops off heads, I happen to think that we should use something that’s stronger than we have right now,” he continued. “Right now, basically, waterboarding is essentially not allowed, as I understand it. … I would certainly like it to be, at a minimum, at a minimum to allow that.”

Trump has repeatedly said the U.S. should bring back waterboarding and other forms of torture that are “a hell of a lot worse,” even though they constitute international war crimes. He’s also called for other violations of international law, including deliberately wiping out terrorists’ families.

The German Vice Chancellor joins a chorus of overseas voices warning against Trump’s particularly brash brand of racism and xenophobia. The Mexican government passed a ban this week to keep Trump from entering the country, fed up with his racist rhetoric about Mexican immigrants and continued insistence he will force Mexico to pay for a wall. German publication Der Spiegel calls Trump “the world’s most dangerous man.”

Even far-right politicians in other nations aren’t on board with the rise of Trump. The leader of a far-right Swedish nationalist party that began in the Neo-Nazi movement told Breitbart News Trump would be bad news for the world. “If Donald Trump won… I don’t think he will, I hope he doesn’t,” he said. “He is very good at making speeches but as a politician and a world leader? No, I don’t think that’s a very good idea.”

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