Hillary Clinton Brings On Former Senate Aide for New York Primary

Workers dismantling a backdrop at the end of a Hillary Clinton rally at Rainier Beach High School in Seattle on Tuesday.

By Maggie Haberman

Looking to channel some of her Senate campaign energy for the New York presidential primary on April 19, Hillary Clinton’s team has brought on a former aide from her days as the junior senator as they begin to organize.

The former aide, Resi Cooper, a Democratic consultant who was Mrs. Clinton’s main liaison to Long Island, will be the state director for her primary fight against Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a campaign aide confirmed.

The state is almost certainly a lock for Mrs. Clinton. But the margin is a question: Mr. Sanders could fare well in some areas, particularly in New York City. His campaign has also spent many months trying to sign up supporters in the state.

To that end, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has started creating teams of volunteers on college campuses around the state, and her aides are reactivating her old volunteer networks. There is also a potential psychic benefit to Mrs. Clinton: Her Senate campaign in 2000, her first, is something she and her longtime advisers have often talked about as a model for how to run her national races. She could not recreate that in her 2008 presidential campaign, but she has tried to, to a greater extent, in the 2016 race.


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