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Sanders Campaign Withdraws Suit in Intraparty Fight

By BYRON TAU – – – – Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has withdrawn his lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee, putting an end to an intraparty dispute over unauthorized access to proprietary data belonging to rival Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Attorneys representing Mr. Sanders filed paperwork in U.S. District Court to dismiss the case on Friday. […]

The problem with Ted Cruz

By Charles Hurt – – – Real estate mogul Donald Trump has run an outsider’s juggernaut campaign, the likes of which nobody has seen in modern politics. Democrats publicly say they are thrilled to face him in the general election. But, privately, they fret that the master marketer and media maestro is so unpredictable and […]

10 Signs You’ve Joined The Trump Cult

BY:BEN SHAPIRO – – – In a magnificent show of their independent-mindedness, 200 Donald Trump supporters sprinted after the Trump Royal Train in Warwick, Rhode Island. Trump-supporting Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft was all over the story: They were RUNNING ACROSS A FIELD to see Donald Trump arrive for his Rhode Island rally today. Then they chased […]

Three People Hold Key to Uniting the Democrats Behind the Party’s Nominee

By LAURA MECKLER – – – – With her party’s presidential nomination in sight, Hillary Clinton began wooing Bernie Sanders supporters to her campaign in earnest Tuesday night. But in the weeks to come, she will rely on others to finish much of the work of uniting Democrats. Three people in particular are likely to hold […]

Graphic: Donald Trump’s Terrifying Views On Nuclear Weapons

BY ANNA PERINA – GUEST CONTRIBUTOR & TIM HEGEDUS – GUEST CONTRIBUTOR – – – – On Wednesday, Donald Trump will laid out his foreign policy vision in a speech in Washington, D.C. The speech has been advertised by the Trump campaign and others as an opportunity for the candidate to begin to discuss his […]

Why GOP Moderates Should Vote for Ted Cruz

by DAN MCLAUGHLIN  – – – Ted Cruz is not a lot of people’s cup of tea. For moderate Republicans and Republican-leaning independents — not just ideological moderates but people of a moderate, gradualist temperament — voting for Ted Cruz is just about the last thing they came into this primary season thinking of doing. […]

Immigrants Rushing to Become US Citizens, Earn Right to Vote, Have Voices Their Heard on Immigration

By Glenn Minnis – – – – Immigrants all over the country find themselves in the same place. Data shows a growing movement among the 8.8 million immigrants eligible to become naturalized citizens aimed at assuring that they have met all the requirements mandated to participate in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. With the chasm between Democrats […]

Here Are All The Sexist Things Donald Trump Said About Hillary Clinton Yesterday

BY AARON RUPAR – – – – At the very end of a news conference commemorating his absurdly dominant Tuesday night performance, Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of playing “the women’s card” and said, “If [she] were a man, I don’t think she’d get five percent of the vote.” Hours later, Trump did the Wednesday morning cable […]

Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina: A Smart (But Desperate) Political Move

By DAN SCHNUR – – – – Dan Schnur is director of the University of Southern California’s Unruh Institute of Politics and was communications director for John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign. He is on Twitter: @DanSchnur. Ted Cruz’s decision to announce Carly Fiorina as his running mate right now is an act of desperation. But it is a […]