Donald Trump’s Presidential Election Poll Numbers on the Decline – Unfavorability Among Latinos Fueling the Plunge?

Donald Trump

By Glenn Minnis – – – – – –

A series of recent polls strongly suggest Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump’s popularity is on the downswing with general election voters and his plunging favorability ratings with Latino voters seems to have a lot to do with the ongoing development.

A collection of recent surveys culled together by Real Clear Politics find Trump suffers from a 63 percent unfavorable image among all general election voters and trials Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in at least six national polls taken just last month.

Those numbers are largely on par with the lowbrow averages President George W. Bush held during his final months in office, setting the stage for the historical two-term election of President Barack Obama.

Trump’s Numbers Even Lower Among Hispanics

As dismal as Trump’s overall popularity numbers now are, they pale in terms of the negative image most Hispanics have of the bombastic New York City real estate mogul and political neophyte, who has vowed to deport as many as 11 million immigrants should he be elected president.

A recent Washington Post/Univision poll found that more than 80 percent of Hispanics have an unfavorable view of Trump, by far the worse rating among the field of remaining GOP candidates.

Trump’s increasing vulnerability comes following a period where he was roundly criticized within his own party over his violent rhetoric and his verbal assault on the wife of primary GOP challenger Ted Cruz.

More recently, the still largely unapologetic candidate has come under fire over the arrest of campaign manager Corey Lewandoski and his own flip flop over the “punishment” he feels should be meted out to women who terminate their pregnancy.

Even before either of those incidents, a Post/ABC News survey found that 75 percent of female voters already held a negative opinion of Trump. Around that same time, a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that 70 percent of female respondents polled in that survey also had a negative opinion of him.

Still more alarm bells have rang out for GOP supporters based on the findings of a recent Marquette University poll of Wisconsin voters that found 70 percent of respondents disapprove of Trump heading into the state’s winner-take-all the delegates April 5 primary.

Clinton Buries Trump Among Latino Voters

As for Hispanics, The Post survey found Trump would lose the Latino vote to Clinton by a better than 4-1 margin, at 73 percent to16 percent.

In addition to vowing to carry out mass deportations, Trump has also pledged to erect a massive wall along the Mexican border to keep immigrants out. During his much ballyhooed rally where he announcemed he planned to seek the GOP nomination, he took special measures to deride Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “criminals.”

Trump has since been joined in his pledge to carry out such massive deportations by Cruz and the two men have stuck by their boasts even though a recent American Action Forum survey found that such an act could cost the country somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 to $600 billion over two decades and trigger an economic collapse easily on par with the Great Recession.



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