If Elected, Clinton Would Create Special Office on Immigration

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives on Monday to visit the Jackson Diner in the Queens borough of New York.

Working to cement her advantage with minority voters, Democrat Hillary Clinton is set to announce plans to create a national Office of Immigrant Affairs that would coordinate government policy on the issue if she is elected president, a Clinton aide said.

The announcement will be made on Wednesday in conjunction with an endorsement for Mrs. Clinton by the New York State Immigrant Action Fund, an immigrant rights group, the aide said.

The announcement comes less than a week before the New York state Democratic primary, where a substantial portion of voters are expected to be Latino.

The Clinton aide said that the new federal office would work to coordinate programs and policies across federal, state and local governments and would work to help integrate immigrants, refugees and their children into their communities.

The aide said the office would help undocumented immigrants as well as those here legally.

Ahead of the New York primary, both Mrs. Clinton and her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, have worked to paint themselves as the stronger supporter of immigration. The Sanders campaign held a press call Tuesday to spotlight Mrs. Clinton’s one-time opposition to granting driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, while Mrs. Clinton hit Mr. Sanders this week for voting against a 2007 immigration overhaul.


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