Sanders Campaign Withdraws Suit in Intraparty Fight

Bernie Sanders supporters cheer at campaign rally on April 26.

By BYRON TAU – – – –

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has withdrawn his lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee, putting an end to an intraparty dispute over unauthorized access to proprietary data belonging to rival Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Attorneys representing Mr. Sanders filed paperwork in U.S. District Court to dismiss the case on Friday. In a statement, the Sanders campaign said it moved to dismiss the case after receiving the results of an independent investigation.

“We are gratified by the results of this independent investigation,” said Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver.

The dispute between the DNC and the Sanders campaign began in December, after it was revealed that four staffers working for the Sanders campaign had accessed some voter data that belonged to the Clinton campaign. The data was available to Mr. Sanders as the result of a glitch in the software platform both campaigns were using for voter targeting.

As a result of the unauthorized access, the DNC suspended the Sanders campaign’s access to the party’s shared voter data. Mr. Sanders then filed suit in federal court against the DNC. The DNC reversed its decision to ban the Sanders campaign from its voter data shortly after the lawsuit was filed and all the parties agreed to an independent investigation by a cybersecurity firm, which was concluded this week.

In a statement released Friday, the Sanders campaign accused both the DNC and the Clinton campaign of making “wholly inaccurate” statements in December about the breach based on the results of the independent investigation. The campaign said it never had access to proprietary data on voters that the Clinton campaign was targeting, only some “scores” showing the likelihood that a voter would support the Clinton campaign.

The investigation showed that four Sanders campaign staffers had access to some Clinton data for about an hour. The investigation also revealed that a Sanders staffer downloaded a data table during the breach. As a result of the breach, a Sanders campaign staffer was fired in December.

The Clinton campaign didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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