Bernie Sanders Burned Through Cash in April, Filing Shows

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s cash reserves dropped to less than $6 million in April, as his fundraising lead over Hillary Clinton narrowed sharply but he continue to spend heavily.

Mr. Sanders had $5.8 million left in the bank at the end of last month, according to a Federal Election Commission report filed on Friday. That’s about one-fifth of the $30.2 million Mrs. Clinton’s campaign had in cash on hand as of month’s end.

The Sanders campaign spent $38.6 million in April, only a slight drop from his March spending. At the same time, his fundraising intake fell to $26.9 million last month, down about $20 million from the previous month’s pace.

The former secretary of state’s campaign, by contrast, spent $23.8 million in April, while it raised $26.4 million, just off Mr. Sanders’s pace.

As a result, the cash gap between the two candidates widened significantly. At the end of March, Mr. Sanders had counted $17 million in the bank—which was about $10 million less than Mrs. Clinton.

A shrinking war chest only adds to Mr. Sanders’s challenges as he faces the final stretch of the primary battle. He is hundreds of delegates—both pledged and unpledged—behind Mrs. Clinton, and faces increasing pressure from the front-runner and the Democratic Party as a whole to drop out of the race, or else risk harming Mrs. Clinton’s chances against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in the general election.

Mr. Sanders and his advisers have indicated this week that he will stay in the race at least until voting concludes in mid-June and will continue pressing his case in the July convention. Already, Philadelphia has approved four demonstration permits in support of Mr. Sanders at the July Democratic National Convention — including a large rally planned near the convention’s epicenter.

In previous months, Mr. Sanders had seen record-breaking fundraising that far outpaced Mrs. Clinton’s. In March, he raised $46 million to her $28.7 million. Yet as he fell further and further behind in the delegate race, his supporters’ willingness to donate appeared to drop.


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