Hillary Clinton Urges Bernie Sanders Supporters to Unite Behind Her

“The only thing standing between Donald Trump and the Oval Office is all of us– and I mean all of us,” she said at a conference of the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

While many Republicans are unifying around their candidate, Democrats remain divided and Mr. Sanders is encouraging his supporters to believe that he can wrest the nomination away from Mrs. Clinton–if not via the remaining primaries then at the Democratic National Convention.

“We’re coming to the end of the Democratic primaries. I applaud Sen. Sanders and his supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of politics and take on the crisis of the income inequality,” she said, mentioning two of his key issues. “I look forward to coming together to unify our party to stop Donald Trump and move our country forward.”

Campaigning in California this week, Mrs. Clinton has ignored Mr. Sanders, instead sharply attacking Mr. Trump. Her delegate lead over him is nearly insurmountable, and she’s trying to lay the groundwork for the likely fall match-up.

But Mr. Sanders is working hard to win in California, which votes on June 7 along with five other states. A poll from the Public Policy Institute of California released Wednesday found her ahead of him by just two percentage points.


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