GOP Mayors Want More Detail on Donald Trump’s Urban Agenda

Mick Cornett, the Republican mayor of Oklahoma City and the head of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, said the group invited Mr. Trump to speak at their annual conference in Indianapolis late last month but was unsuccessful in getting the presumptive Republican nominee to respond.

“I kept thinking eventually we would break through but never got any official response,” said Mr. Cornett, mayor of the city of 600,000 since 2004. “We would have liked it if they could have at least done a call.”

Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke at the 84th annual conference before about 200 mayors, as did Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Trump didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Mr. Cornett said he and his fellow mayors want to hear more detail from Mr. Trump on rebuilding U.S. roads and bridges and how he would tackle criminal justice issues and public safety on an urban level.

“When I get with Republicans mayors, we are trying to guess what a Trump presidency would be like. The issues that are important to us haven’t been addressed,” said Mr. Cornett, who hasn’t endorsed Mr. Trump’s candidacy but said he is open to changing his mind.

Mr. Trump has spoken about the need to spend on infrastructure, but hasn’t given details about how he would pay for it.

Mr. Cornett is slated to speak before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Monday afternoon. He said he would focus his remarks on the innovations that Republican mayors are making and their platform for doing more.

Republicans represent about 150 of the largest 500 cities, Mr. Cornett said. His association represents elected officials overseeing cities of at least 30,000 people.


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