The Latino Vote in 2016 Presidential Elections: Hillary Clinton v.s.Donald Trump

turmp prey for clinton

The Latino Vote in 2016 Presidential Elections: Hillary Clinton Tops Donald Trump by 48 Points in One Poll, 58 Points in Another Among Hispanics

A new Univision poll finds more than three of every four Latino voters has a negative opinion of Donald Trump and the presumptive Republican nominee trails likely democratic challenger Hillary Clinton by 48 points overall among Hispanic/Latino voters.

Pollsters found Clinton currentlysnares 67 percent of the Hispanic vote, compared to just 19 percent for Trump and an average of three percent each for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Immigration Among Most Critical Issues

With the issue of immigration reform being among the most critically debated issues of this year’s campaign season, Clinton’s huge favorability advantages among Latinos fall within the range typically needed by a Democratic candidate to secure the White House.

In all, 69 percent of Hispanic voters insist they have a favorable opinion of Clinton, compared to 77 percent who state they have a negative image of Trump, including 73 percent of Latino voters who openly admit they believe the New York City real estate mogul to be a racist.
The former first lady also tops Trump 67 percent to 12 percent on the question of which candidate would do the most to improve the lives of Hispanics.

Much of Trump’s struggles with Latinos appears to stem from his vow to deport millions of immigrants if elected and his recent no-holds barred take-down of the Mexican judge assigned to oversee his Trump University fraud case.

Nearly 75 percent of all those surveyed agreed his verbal assault on U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel was motivated by racism.

Second Poll – Trump’s Latino Deficit Grows

The news is even dimmer for Trump based on the results of a new Latino Decisions pollthat finds him trailing Clinton by an even larger 74 percent to 16 percent margin among Hispanics.

Trump’s meager vote totals put him on course to under-perform Milt Romney’s historically poor 2012 showing, when he earned just 23 percent of the Latino vote in a resounding defeat to President Obama.

Pollsters found even one in three Latino republicans admitted they plan to support Clinton over their party’s candidate. Overall, the survey found that 78 percent of Hispanic voters have a negative image of Trump.

While Clinton earns a 63 percent positive favorability rating among Latinos, pollsters found Republicans problems with Hispanic voters run much deeper than just Trump.

Overall, 77 percent of Latino voters agreed that the Republican Party “doesn’t care too much about Latinos” and 41 percent find that the party is “sometimes hostile toward Latinos.”


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