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The Rise of the American ‘Others’

By SOWMIYA ASHOK – – – – – – An increasing number of respondents are checking “Some Other Race” on U.S. Census forms, forcing officials to rethink current racial categories.   Something unusual has been taking­­­­­­ place with the United States Census: A minor category that has existed for more than 100 years is elbowing its way […]

Donald Trump Blames Hillary Clinton for Anthony Weiner’s Sexts

The Republican nominee has never been blessed with self-awareness, but his reaction to the news of Anthony Weiner’s latest sext scandal Monday was a special kind of oblivion reserved for the truly checked-out. By OLIVIA NUZZI – – – – – – – – If you were a presidential candidate who polled low among women, […]

What the world could lose in America’s presidential election

By Fred Hiatt Editorial Page Editor The presidential election could be crucial to the future of democracy, and not just in the United States. The global impact of a Donald Trump presidency would be disastrous. But even a Hillary Clinton win won’t help reverse the worldwide retrenchment in democracy and human rights unless she brings […]

Will 2016 Come Down to the Electoral Map?

By Albert R. Hunt – – – – – Any American political strategist or reporter — I’ve been one for more than four decades — loves the map: That’s the electoral map that decides the presidential election every four years. Each of the 50 states is awarded electors based on its members of Congress, essentially by population; […]

Trump Doesn’t Even Know What He Thinks About His Signature Issue

Trump Doesn’t Even Know What He Thinks About His Signature Issue He promised a ‘deportation force,’ and his supporters cheered. Now he’s backpedaling, risking the right’s love for him. By Paul Waldman / The American Prospect  – – – – – – – – This Wednesday, Donald Trump will be giving what he describes as a “major […]

Election Update: The Blue State Polling Abyss

By Nate Silver – – – – – – Public Policy Polling on Wednesday released a poll of New Mexico, a state that hasn’t attracted much attention. Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump by 9 percentage points, while the Libertarian candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson had 16 percent of the vote. The margin was […]

“You’re supporting a bigot. That makes you part of the bigotry.”

The New York Times columnist’s direct and unapologetic takedown of a black Trump surrogate is a model to emulate By CHAUNCEY DEVEGA  – – – – – –  Donald Trump’s ascendance to power over the Republican Party was made possible by how he outmaneuvered the American corporate news media. As I explained in an earlier Salon piece, […]

Clinton Foundation Is Not a Scandal. It’s a Life-Saving Success.

By Mark Joseph Stern – – – – – – The Associated Press published an investigation , alleging that Hillary Clinton gave donors to her family’s charity, the Clinton Foundation, special access to the State Department during her tenure as secretary of state. Vox’s Matt Yglesiaspromptly detailed the article’s many flaws, exaggerations, and outright falsehoods—including a thorough […]

Eric Trump: It Would Be ‘Foolish’ for Donald Trump to Release Tax Returns

Candidate’s son warns ‘people who know nothing about taxes’ would scrutinize them By JULIAN ROUTH Eric Trump said Wednesday it would be “foolish” for his father to release his tax returns and subject them to scrutiny by people who don’t know what they are looking at. “You would have a bunch of people who know nothing […]