Social Media Tally Shows Strong Interest in 2016 Conventions


In the race to dominate social media conversation during the political conventions, more people talked about the Republican convention on Facebook, though there were more likes and posts about the presidential campaign during the Democratic convention.

From the start of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia on July 25 to Friday morning, 27 million Facebook users generated 182 million likes, posts, comments and shares related to the convention and the presidential candidates. By comparison, during the GOP’s convention week in Cleveland, 27.9 million people on Facebook generated 167.5 million likes, posts, comments and shares.

Facebook does not report sentiment, so it is unknown if the conversation is favorable toward the candidates. The numbers do show that there was a strong interest in both conventions as the general election officially kicks off.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton took the title of most-liked photo of the presidential candidates on Instagram. The photo of Mrs. Clinton hugging President Barack Obama after his speech on Wednesday night picked up more than 148,000 likes. The previous most-liked photo of a presidential candidate on Instagram was an image of Mr. Trump eating a McDonald’s Big Mac on his plane after it was announced he had reached the 1,237 delegate mark to become the Republican nominee.


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