Latino and Hispanic Voters

Donald Trump

Nine of every 10 Hispanic voters has an unfavorable view of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that 89 percent of Latino voters have a negative view of Trump, the highest unfavorable rating he has registered among that group since he marked the launch of his campaign by labeling Mexicans as “criminals” and vowing that he will carry out mass deportations if elected.

Of that number, 76 percent of Latino voters insist they see the New York City real estate mogul and political neophyte in a “strongly unfavorable light.”

Clinton Holds Huge Lead Among Latinos
By contrast, 64 percent of all Latinos insist they have a positive image of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
Overall, 70 percent of Americans indicate they have an unfavorable view of Trump, including a 56 percent majority who “strongly” feel that way. Pollsters added Trump’s overall negative ratings are 10 percentage points higher than they were just last month.

The survey was conducted from June 8 thru June 12, with most of the interviews among a random sampling of voters being completed prior to the deadly, June 12, Orlando nightclub shooting where many of the 49 people killed were of Hispanic descent.
Unfavorable ratings among both Trump and Clinton are higher than for any major-party presidential nominee in recent history, but Trump’s bad marks clearly scream trouble for the outspoken candidate.
His slide has helped Clinton reestablish a 13-point advantage over him among registered voters who see at least one of the candidates in a negative light. Trump’s fall has come from among several groups, with liberals, conservatives, Republican women, Democratic men, white Americans without a college degree and independents now all having a more negative view of him.

Trump’s Attack on Mexican Judge
In addition, several Republican leaders recently sharply criticized Trump over his attack on the Mexican federal judge set to oversee his Trump University fraud trial. Trump has repeatedly blasted the judge as being biased largely based on his heritage.
As for Clinton, one in every four democratic voters admit they have reservations about her candidacy and see the former first lady in a negative light.
Clinton’s biggest struggles continue to be among men and white men, whom she has negative ratings among of 63 and 75 percent respectively.


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