Here Are the Top 7 Times Katrina Pierson Mutilated Logic and Melted Fact Checkers’ Brains

It’s a good time to revisit some of Katrina’s greatest hits.

7.) Pierson delivers a logic-free rant that leaves MSNBC’s Kate Snow “speechless.”

After Trump said that “Second Amendment people” could stop Hillary Clinton from appointing judges after she became president, Pierson tried to tell MSNBC’s that Trump was merely saying that he wanted pro-gun rights groups like the NRA to rally behind him this fall to beat the Democrats.

Snow pointed out that Trump was clearly talking about things that the NRA could do after Clinton was elected. Pierson then says he really meant that Trump suggested the NRA could lobby senators into opposing any anti-gun judge that Clinton might nominate.

Given that even Pierson seemed to have trouble interpreting Trump’s words, Snow wondered whether the candidate would be better served by issuing a formal clarification of his comments.

“You have no concern about his ability as president — if he were president — to make an argument with foreign leaders, in negotiations and not be misconstrued or misunderstood?” Snow asked Pierson.

“He wasn’t talking about policy,” Pierson replied. “He wasn’t talking about implementation of policy. He was talking about what would happen if Hillary Clinton were to be elected and he was absolutely right.”

After a pause, Snow said she was left “speechless” by Pierson’s response and confessed that “I’m trying to follow your logic here, Katrina, and I’m having a hard time.”


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