Hillary Campaign Fundraising Off Trump’s Breitbart Hire

Image: Hillary Fundraises Off Trump's New Breitbart Hire

By Bill Hoffmann – – – – – —

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has launched a fundraising pitch bashing Donald Trump’s hiring of Steve Bannon, the former chair of Breitbart News, which it says attracts the “most openly xenophobic and conspicuously race-conscious nationalists in the conservative movement.”

In a fundraising email sent out Thursday and obtained by The Weekly Standard, the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign writes:

“After weeks of being frustrated by advisors pushing him to moderate his tone to appeal to general election voters, Trump decided he needed a change. Now he’s bringing on people who will just let Trump be Trump.

“The new CEO for the Trump campaign is a guy named Steve Bannon — a one-time Hollywood producer who once spent $1 million of his own money financing a film about Sarah Palin and most recently worked as the chief executive of Breitbart News.

“What’s Breitbart News? It’s the website that right-wing talk radio hosts wake up and read every morning. It has a deep following in the far fringes of the Republican Party — the most openly xenophobic and conspicuously race-conscious nationalists in the conservative movement.”

The pitch says Breitbart is so extremist it once published a piece “attacking Bill Kristol, the conservative political pundit, with a headline that called him a ‘RENEGADE JEW.”’

“That’s not the kind of language you’d see even on Fox News, let alone a normal media outlet,” the Clinton pitch continues.

Clinton’s “Hillary for America” campaign website also lashes out at Breitbart under Bannon’s leadership:

“The man who is now guiding Trump and his campaign through the final months of the election is also the man whose ‘news’ organization ran these (racist, homophobic, conspiracy-peddling) stories: ‘Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism or Cancer?’; ‘The Solution to Online ‘Harassment’ is Simple: Women Should Log Off’ [and] ‘Trump: Hard for Woman to Attack Me on Looks Because I’m So Good-Looking.”’
It continues: “If you were one of the few Americans still holding out hope that Trump was going to change, this should be a wake-up call: The reckless policy proposals — from forcing Mexico to build us a wall to banning an entire religion from our shores—and the utter disregard for facts, truth, and decency aren’t going away anytime soon under Bannon’s watch.”



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