Surprise! Trump backers wait up for anti-Hillary documents but get Julian Assange infomercial

Julian Assange infomercial

Julian Assange, founder of the online leaking platform WikiLeaks, is seen on a screen as he addresses journalists via a live video connection during a press conference on the platform's 10th anniversary on October 4, 2016 in Berlin..WikiLeaks celebrates its 10th birthday defiantly proud as the pioneer of online leaking platforms, while its controversial founder vows to pursue its work despite widespread criticsm. / AFP / STEFFI LOOS (Photo credit should read STEFFI LOOS/AFP/Getty Images)

By Mark Sumner – – – – –

Trump supporters were up super early on Tuesday, locked into a Wikileaks press conference that was going to deliver an October surprise to make everyone forget about Donald Trump’s billion dollar losses, and not paying taxes, and a foundation that was shut down by the attorney general, and vets with PTSD being weak, and some girl who fell outside the Trump-approved weight limits. All that stuff would be blown away when Julian Assange unleashed his Great October Surprise:

“@HillaryClinton is done,” longtime Trump associate Roger Stone tweeted Saturday. “#Wikileaks.” …

Infowars, the pro-Trump and virulently anti-Clinton media vehicle launched by Texas radio host Alex Jones, had touted the WikiLeaks news conference as “historic” and promised that “the Clintons will be devastated.”

Yes. Right. Done. Historic devastation. Now, what has Santa Julian brought for us?

Over the course of two hours Tuesday — with the world’s media and bleary-eyed Trump die-hards across the United States tuning in — Assange and other WikiLeaks officials railed against “neo-McCarthyist hysteria,” blasted the mainstream press, appealed for donations and plugged their books (“40 percent off!”).

But what they didn’t do was provide any new information about Clinton — or about anything else, really.

Nothing? Well, that really is a surprise.

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The much-vaunted news conference, as it turned out, was little more than an extended infomercial for WikiLeaks on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its founding.

And best of all, Alex Jones live blogged this critical event.

Before Assange took the stage, Jones — who broadcast through the wee hours of the American morning — told viewers and listeners he was so excited he was worried his heart couldn’t stand it.

Deep breaths, Alex. Deep breaths. I’m sure the Russians have something more for Jullian to feed you before election day. They’ll likely produce notes on Hillary’s alien abduction, her scheme to feed Bernie to killer snails, and her real connection to the lizard men right before election day. You just wait.

And if they don’t, you can just make things up. Like usual.

You know, it’s almost as if Julian Assage made the media think that he was going to have some great announcement, then it turned out the whole thing was just an convoluted advertisement. Where would be get such an idea?

It was billed as Donald Trump’s “major statement” on the birther movement, but for the most part it seemed more an “infomercial” for his new Washington hotel, according to the assessment of many on Twitter, particularly reporters.

Julian really is watching over us.


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