Monthly Archives: November 2016

What It’s Going to Take to Turn the Tide on Abortion Rights in America

By Deana A. Rohlinger Anti-abortion advocates are rejoicing in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. In their view, Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that upheld a woman constitutional right to abortion and that barred states from banning the procedure in the first trimester, was on the ballot. In the words of the National Right […]

The American Experiment Will Soon Be Put to the Test

By Eugene Robinson What happens when the factories and the steel mills don’t come back? When the coal mines fail to reopen? When both a tightfisted Congress and the government of Mexico refuse to pay for his boondoggle of a border wall? When the president-elect, Donald Trump, takes office and has to confront inconvenient reality, […]

Democracy Is More Than Just Winning Elections

Liberal democracy is worth fighting for, even in the age of Trump. By PETER BEINART – – – – – – I don’t respect this election result. I must abide by it, of course. But I don’t respect it. I respect the people who voted for Donald Trump. As private individuals, they’re no better or worse than […]

Trump broke the old rules of politics — and won the White House

By Marc Fisher Donald Trump ran against himself and won. The Manhattan billionaire who for decades boasted of his playboy lifestyle, stiffed contractors and vendors, hired illegal immigrants, eschewed churchgoing, embraced liberal causes, and counted Hillary and Bill Clinton as friends and allies pulled off one of the most brazen pivots in American history, selling […]

This is the year of the Latino vote

It’s been 20 years in the making — and, win or lose, it’s reshaped the Democratic Party. by Dara Lind  – – – – – — After all that — after all the rallies, the polls, the drama, the leaks, the 17 months of American public life we will never get back — the story […]

Federal Officials Will Monitor Polling Places Around The Country

By Anna Orso and Cassie Owens – – – – The U.S. Justice Department announced  it will monitor polling places in Philadelphia, New York City, Miami, Dallas and 63 other cities and counties on Election Day. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a statement that the department will enforce federal statutes by filing litigation, submitting statements […]

Election Update: The State Of The States

The polls are coming in fast and furious — and there are signs of late momentum for Hillary Clinton, whose lead has increased to roughly 3.5 percentage points over Donald Trump. Her chances of winning the Electoral College have ticked up to 69 percent in both the polls-only and polls-plusmodels, recovering some of the ground […]

Here Are 4 Ways Trump Supporters Might Harass You at the Polls and What You Can Do About It

By Sarah K. Burris – – – –  Last week, the Boston Globe interviewed a Trump supporter who admitted that he’ll be going to polling places looking for “Mexicans. People who can’t speak American” so that he can “go right up behind them” and “make them a little bit nervous.” If you don’t already know, that’s illegal, but it hasn’t […]

States and Congress can take many more steps to making voting easier

Beyond changing Election Day, there are many steps that all levels of government can take to make voting easier. Here are a few possibilities, based on what some states and other places are already doing: Make Election Day a holiday: Short of actually changing Election Day, the US could make Election Day a national holiday […]