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Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Pick, Could Make Life Hell for LGBT Youth

Senators must ask if a socially conservative crusader intends to protect gay and transgender students. Lives are at stake… By JAY MICHAELSON…… As billionaire philanthropist Betsy DeVos heads into her confirmation hearings to run the Department of Education, most questions will likely be about her support for school vouchers, charter schools, and other alternatives to […]

No, Nothing Pat McCrory Says In Defense Of North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is True

BY ZACK FORD _ – – – – – – – North Carolina’s governor has bent over backwards to misrepresent the state’s new anti-LGBT law. Ever since North Carolina lawmakers forced a sweeping anti-LGBT law through in just one day, its advocates have been managing damage control. Gov. Pat McCrory (R), who was the first to […]

Infographic: New Employment Protections for 28 Million Workers

President Obama’s executive order banning discrimination against employees of federal contractors because of sexual orientation and gender identity goes into effect today. Today, President Barack Obama’s executive order banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity by federal contractors goes into effect, marking the single largest expansion of workplace protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, […]

Fact Sheets: Comprehensive Nondiscrimination Protections

The federal government still lacks enumerated nondiscrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Congress needs to ensure fairness for all people in every area of life. The American dream rests on the promise of equal access to the central pillars of opportunity, including a stable job, home, quality education, and basic necessities such […]

Gay marriage as a constitutional right is so popular that even Republicans are coming around – Poll

Fortunately for the stability of the republic, the United States Supreme Court’s justices do not take public opinion into account when deciding the cases before them. At least, they’re not supposed to keep public opinion in mind. But if they did, there wouldn’t be any question about how the Supreme Court will decide on the […]

Mormon Church: We Vow to Fight for LGBT Rights, but Don’t Trample Our Religious Freedom; So. Baptist Leader Says LDS Is ‘Naive’

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon Church, announced Tuesday it would back legal efforts to protect LGBT people from discrimination along with religious freedom protections. This middle ground approach is consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ, church leaders said. Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s […]

Mormon Church Announces Broad Support For LGBT Workplace And Housing Protections — With A Catch

In what appears to be a major shift in tone, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or Mormon church, announced yesterday that it now broadly endorses housing and workplace protections for LGBT people. During a press conference convened by several prominent church leaders, officials reaffirmed the church’s opposition to homosexuality while simultaneously announcing […]

Five Signs We’ve Reached the Marriage Equality Tipping Point

With the Supreme Court’s latest move, the writing is on the wall It was the non-decision heard ’round the world: In early October, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear appellate court cases from Utah, Indiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana, all of which had previously ruled in favor of same-sex marriage rights. The decision […]

Stop Calling It Marriage Equality

All you’ve done is redefine the parameters of marriage. You support gay marriage, not “marriage equality.” This week, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected gay marriage appeals from Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin, in essence allowing lower courts to legalize same-sex couples. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), an institution that has vigorously opposed […]