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Helping Homeless Veterans-The Home Deployment Project

The Home Deployment Project‘s purpose is to provide one-on-one support to displaced veterans suffering from chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by providing them with a safe place to live. We do not place our veterans in shelters, group homes, or halfway houses. Each Veteran is provided with his or her own dwelling, free of charge, […]

I Will Place a Police Officer in Every Public School in Clark County

March 2018 Recently I publicly called for an overhaul of school safety in Clark County. The key provision of my initiative is to place a police officer in every public school. Like with using the National Guard in airports after 911, we must make schools safer immediately, by placing officers on every school campus. Sworn police […]

Police Stationed in Schools

Tim was asked a great question about my officer in every school plan. Why isn’t this a school district police issue? His response makes a fundamental argument for the plan.   The problem with trying to do this solely within School PD is more than a money matter. An agency their size does not have […]

Tim and Michele Bedwell meet with Rohit Joshi

We were honored to meet Rohit Joshi at Neonopolis Downtown Las Vegas. We also met the fantastic business owners who have created an awesome destination. I encourage everyone to check it out, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve been there.   Developer Rohit Joshi purchased Neonopolis in 2006 for $25 million; Neonopolis underwent […]

TIM BEDWELL-Live! Las Vegas with Rikki Cheese

This is a great interview for anyone wanting to know the foundation of Tim Bedwell”s campaign for Sheriff. A conversation with veteran reporter Rikki Cheese discussing public safety in Las Vegas and the Sheriff’s race  

On Power 88. Talking issues in the Black community with B. Harris of Independent Blacks Voters.

Brian Snyder You had my support out of pure loyalty alone because having worked directly for you, I knew you are a true leader. Notice I said “leader” and not “supervisor?” You earned my heart. This interview and how well the two of you interacted earned my mind. I truly believe you are what Metro needs. […]

Clark County School Police Make Arrest for Guns at Two Different Schools

Bedwell for Sheriff “So far this year, Clark County School District police have confiscated 17 firearms on campus.” Great job CCSD police. More is needed. I’ll put a Metro officer in each CCSD school that does not have a CCSD officer. #58livesmatter Two 17-year-old students were arrested at separate Clark County high schools and face likely expulsion […]

Las Vegas Metro Police Public Records Price Tag for Oct 1 $460.0000 Dollars

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department wants to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for records related to the  October 1 shooting. Judge Richard said that price tag flies in the face of democracy. Judge Richard Scotti ordered LVMPD to release thousands of pages of documents and hundreds of hours of video from the 1 […]